All Custom-Designed for any Holiday or Special Occasion!

Blessings 3 designs gift baskets, wreaths and centerpieces. But the fun part of it is that you can customize any of these gifts!  We will do our best to make a beautiful, high-quality gift that you know will be appreciated by the one who receives it.

At Blessings 3...

...We think it's
a rather depressing moment when you dig into a fabulous-looking gift basket and find newspaper wads or styrofoam chunks instead of the exciting gift contents you thought would be in the bottom of the basket.  (Sort of like getting a box of chocolates only to find that there is mostly plastic and very little chocolate.)  So at Blessings 3 we try our hardest to fill your basket using the least amount of "filler" such as styrofoam, newspaper, etc.  so you receive the best gift possible -- all the way to the bottom of the basket!  So don't be surprised if it weighs more than the "other guy's" baskets.
If it needs to be shipped, or some items need to have extra support, we may need to add some stabilizing filler.  But we will still do our best to  keep it down to a minimum.  We want the recipient to enjoy the gift and be encouraged by it; and you, the giver, to know you are getting the high quality gift that you expect.

...We also want the contents in our baskets to be fresh and tasty.  So we do not normally put together food item baskets until the order is made.  We use fresh, high-quality brands that will taste the best!

...We want you to share your ideas too.  Keep in mind that the gifts listed on our website are not the only ones available.  You may have a fabulous idea, but want us to make it for you.  Great!  We'll certainly listen to suggestions.  We may even make it a permanent resident in our listings!